Nesta Holding Co. | The premiere partner for companies within the cannabis space.
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There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in this industry, and it’s time to cut through it.
Nesta is a private equity firm that builds partnerships and brands within the cannabis space. We aim to be the premier partner for companies aspiring to create and shape this budding new industry.
Our approach is simple.

We look for partners – not assets – for our portfolio. We then apply our collective strategic, operational and brand expertise to help build sustainable, future-proofed companies targeting key market niches.

We are not in this for the short game. We want to create lasting ethical and industry leading brands, products and services.

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.
Bob Marley
Brand portfolio.

We’re constantly thinking up new ideas or on the look out for companies that inspire and promote growth in this industry. Our goal at Nesta is to build a portfolio of partners as diverse as the plant.

Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.
Our Team.

We are not a group of Wall Street executives looking for a quick RTO, nor are we Ivy leaguers without any product affiliation trying to exploit this amazing industry. We are industry advocates. We are medicinal patients. And our founders created the largest producer of medicinal cannabis in North America.

Chuck Rifici
Chief Executive Officer

Dubbed the ‘Willy Wonka of Weed,’ Chuck is a true pioneer of the North American cannabis industry having founded Canopy Growth (formerly Tweed Marijuana) in an dilapidated old Hershey factory and building it into 500,000 square feet of thriving marijuana grow capacity. Today Canopy Growth is worth over $1 billion and recognized as a world class cannabis producer. The talent he recruited now guides the entire Canadian cannabis industry.

As CEO of Nesta, Chuck communicates the Company’s vision and purpose, devising practical strategies for sustainable growth and attracting top entrepreneurial talent to the firm.

Ian Rapsey
Chief Creative Officer

Ian is the leading and most sought after branding expert in the cannabis industry. He designed and implemented the brand development strategies for Canopy Growth (formerly Tweed Marijuana), positioning the brand as the undisputed leader in its market. He was also instrumental in rebranding Canopy Growth’s acquisition Bedrocan, a joint venture with the largest producer of cannabis in the Netherlands. Every day, thousands of cannabis patients around the world experience Ian’s convivial brands and creativity.

As CCO of Nesta, Ian’s primary focus is to dovetail the strategic and the creative goals, building industry leading brands for our partners.

Manoj Hippola
Chief Investment Officer

For over a decade, Manoj has worked with emerging technology start-ups in both a financial and corporate development capacity. Prior to joining Nesta, he served as an advisory consultant to several digital and mobile start-ups, raising seed funding and driving revenue strategies. He previously served as CFO for a biometrics software company, leading the company’s institutional financing initiatives, U.S. public listing and subsequent acquisition.

As CIO of Nesta, Manoj analyzes new investment opportunities, monitors Nesta’s stable of partner companies and is managing director for Nesta’s Seattle office.

Pat Lehoux
VP of Product Development

From initial concept, to prototype, to product in hand, Pat has a proven track record turning ideas into assets. With 20 plus years of strong and varied entrepreneurial experience, Pat has demonstrated an acute ability to forecast consumer needs, overcome hurdles and find the resources to make things happen. Having invented, patented and developed several of his own product lines, Patrick has years of practical experience in bringing quality manufactured products to large consumer markets.

As VP of Product Development for Nesta, Pat oversees product development, manufacturing and logistics operations for all of Nesta and Nesta owned properties.


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